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1 minute
complete safety

254 nm

UVC light

We’ve decided to use the medical advised 254 nanometer wavelength in our solutions. Known and used in healthcare for 30 years, it empowers our vision of touchless, intuitive and powerful disinfection for everyday life.

The light deactivates the microbes’ DNA and RNA, which is crucial to their survival and therefore replication.

Our products completely remove the deadliest and most contagious bacteria and viruses, including nosocomial strains found in hospitals, food processing factories, gastronomy, and office spaces as well as common ventilation.

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A woman opening doors with keys with lots of bacteria on it

Every day we touch thousands of things
Despite our best efforts to stay safe and healthy, while commuting and meeting others daily, we simply can't depend on just washing our hands.


Our electronic devices and everyday items are covered with microbes, many of them pathogenic. Research shows there’s between 1 000 to 3 000 bacteria per square inch on an average laptop and a staggering 25 000 on a smartphone.
For comparison, a toilet seat in a public restroom has around 300 bacteria per square inch.

Laptop covered in bacteria, needs to be disinfectedLaptop after disinfection in Ø11 UVC BRØY sanitizer

In times of global pandemics, disinfecting your devices makes a real difference in protecting yourself and others.

Why BRØY’s technology
is the most reliable solution?

Our technology is the most effective and therefore the safest one out there. The UVC light can disinfect the entire area of an object without missing any spots unlike chemical disinfectants.


Even though global pandemics taught us to disinfect everything, we’re constantly running a risk of reinfecting ourselves by touching a cleaning device that hasn’t been sterilized.
That’s why we opted out to touch the device at all.


Every one of us has those who we want to protect. Maybe it’s your family, your friends, your employees or your clients. Ensuring a space, where all of you can live and work safely is crucial.
We want to help you build it.
That’s why we have created our products.



The UVC light is completely safe for electronic devices and other everyday accessories made of premium materials like leather bags, watches or notepads. On the contrary, alcohol and chemical wipes tend to damage the screens, and are strongly disapproved by every smartphone manufacturer.

The UVC light can’t remove smudges from your items, due to the fact that it’s not affecting lipid structures.
Despite that, 254nm UVC light can thoroughly clean your objects from bacteria and viruses.

Safe adventures with BRØY Sanitizers


A graphic drawing of Ø11 UVC Sanitizer

Our products are reliable, efficient and extremely fast.
In just 1 minute they’re able to deliver complete safety, elegantly.

If you have any questions about our technology, touchless disinfection or UVC light, we’re here to answer

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