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The Mission

With all the resources we have an access to, we respond to the real needs of the moment - to provide our customers with safe and comfortable solutions to the challenges we all face today and may be confronted with tomorrow.

The Background

Our experience comes from 30 years of manufacturing wire harnesses for global market. Working with the most demanding business taught us to understand the needs of our clients and come ahead of them.

The Reason

In this very moment, being aware of the global challenges we face as a human race, our team focuses on real needs - to ensure your safety and comfort while we are making a leap into our future – co-creating it.

We use our experience, resources, the technology of management and present you with what you do need right now: Ø1 and Ø11.

The Vision

BRØY products stand for a three dimensional experience - safety, comfort, and quality - for all parties involved.


The mark was inspired by northern lights and the association with purity, by lights decorating the elegant and modern room, by the open doors that can lead you into the safe space.


The name came from two Norwegian words: “isbre” (glacier) and “øyeblikk” (moment). Together they create a moment on the top of a glacier, full of natural purity, calmness and peace. That’s what the brand and the products are all about - giving you a peaceful moment in the hasty, unexpected world around.

The most recognizible part of our name. What makes BRØY whole, complete, unmistakable.
It was the most natural thing to put it in every name of our product. To tie everything together, to show, how our brand creates a complete experience by making you safe in a premium way. It's a symbol of an empty set in mathematics, where, just as in our disinfection, there's no place for error.


Together they create a complete experience.